Pokémon GO finally gets the EX Raid updates it deserves

Posted on November 23, 2017

Niantic developers have released an update for players to soak in which addresses the major issues and complaints made against the largely detested EX Raid battle system in Pokémon GO.

Prior to this update from developers, no information had been released to inform players of the expected improvements desperately being asked for by the community. The EX Raid system was launched as a beta  “test phase “ which was problematic from the get go,  but remained unchanged for several months leaving many players isolated and unsure of when things would improve.

In an update posted on their website yesterday, Niantic Developers highlighted the changes to the way players will be invited to the raids, where the raids are taking place and  how the raid informs players of its status (and whether it’s getting cancelled or not) were key notes among a list. As of now, many players have complained that raids are few and far between, located at difficult to access places and all too often were cancelled without notice. This is a huge step forward in what’s currently a very isolating and frustrating experience for many players.

Pokémon GO

Details on some improvements to the raiding system in general have also been added in the developer update outlining guarantees  of players receiving stardust after a raid is completed (irrespective of completing or failing the raid). Another welcome addition to upcoming change is that the highly sought after Golden Razz Berries would be more likely a reward than not once a raid is completed. There are some tweaks to the potion and revive drop rates  and quality also added in.

These updates are needed given the Pokémon GO fan base is becoming more and more frustrated with the games constant dry spells and player isolation. At the very least the communication is a step in the right direction as Niantic recently announced the launch of a new upcoming game Wizards Unite. With Pokémon GO’s ongoing issues, some of which have taken months to be addressed, it’s a wonder how Niantic will be able to take on another large IP – perhaps that’s where all their resources are at the moment.