Could BioWare have just accidentally leaked Anthem VR?

Posted on December 19, 2017

The highly anticipated 2018 game (and one I’m personally overhyped for), Anthem, is speculated to be getting a VR component. The speculation arose from a Tweet made by BioWare writer Jay Watamaniuk. As can be seen in the Tweeted photo, below in the top left hand side of the image there is an “Anthem VR” booth at this event (suspected to be a BioWare Christmas Party).

This is highly speculative at this point. Whilst exciting, ultimately the booth could be for internal developer use only for a bit of fun.  This Tweet has made its way to reddit already, where reddit user ninj4 states its soul purpose was for internal use only. Taking a deeper look into this reddit users profile, it’s hard to confirm if the individual has any inside information like they claim to.

The Tweet has not yet been pulled down and no official statement has yet emerged from BioWare at this point about Anthem VR – so there’s very little to go on regarding Anthem having VR compatibility.  Given the game has a long life expectancy and is believed to rival Destiny, the hope is VR support will make its way to the game at some stage given this is the current direction a lot of Triple A games are taking.  Whilst it’s unlikely the Tweet means much,  it might be a sign of things to come down the track for BioWare and Anthem. For now, all we have is a vague Tweet to go off and not much else.  Anthem is due to release on PC, PS4 and Xbox sometime 2018.