New Steep update unlocks DLC sports for all players

Posted on December 5, 2017

Steep players rejoice, for we will all be getting rocket wingsuits!

Travel by land or by air, the choice is yours in Steep

Ubisoft have recently released an update patch for Steep that brings updated challenges, reworked icons and an updated store layout. Released on December 4th, the patch not only fixes technical issues and also brings improvements to grinding, big air and, half pipe jumps. On top of that, the patch allows every player to purchase every sport added in previous DLC packs using Steep Credits. These include the Sled, Rocket Wingsuit, Speed Riding and Base Jump.

Steep is an open world sports game in which players traverse across the Alps, and compete in winter sports. Players have total control on how they travel the world, by snowboard, skis, parachute, or wingsuit. Players are free to explore by themselves or as a team, and compete against friends and rivals in online multiplayer.  Whether hitting the slopes or taking to the skies, Steep offers freedom for players to play their way.

Steep showcases breathtaking scenery and heart-stopping action

Steep is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam. So far, two DLC packs are available for download and the third, Road to the Olympics, is currently in Open Beta. Check out the trailer for the  Open Beta below and for more on Steep, check out our review here.