“Blast” and “Slash” your way to victory in Pokkén Tournament DX with new Pokémon

Posted on January 12, 2018

Pokkén Tournament DX is by far one of my top fighting games when it comes to competitive playing. It combines the fast paced and tactile strategies of a good 1 vs. 1 fighter, with the colourful and massive roster of Pokémon.

It should come as no shock then that when new fighters and support Pokémon are announced  for the popular game, I am ready to re-enter the ring and deal out some pain! This time players will get the chance to battle with two of Pokémon’s more recognisable figures, one from Kanto where it all began, and another from Kalos where style and fashion is all the rage.

Aegislash will be the first new contender to be released  and will be a very tough opponent indeed. The Steel/Ghost “Royal Sword” Pokémon is able to switch its form from offence to defence and can attack its opponent with blinding speed. Aegislash, however, will not be alone in its debut getting two new support Pokémon with it; Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu.  As an added bonus players will also be granted with additional avatar options to change the look of their Pokémon battle trainers.

The next Pokémon to enter the arena is Blastoise, the Shellfish Pokémon, who is by far still my favourite Kanto starter, who will be joined by support mythical Pokémon Mew and  Celebi. Blastoise is certainly an interesting choice as he isn’t known for his speed, but more than makes up for it with raw power. That being said, no footage of Blastoise’s battle technique has been screened yet, so we’ll have to wait and see what kind of fighter he is.

Pokken Tournament DX

Available for pre-purchase now on the Nintendo Switch eShop, Pokkén Tournament DX  “Battle Pack” will be released in two waves. The first wave includes Aegislash, Mega Rayquaza, and Mimikyu on the 31st of January, the second wave will feature Blastoise, Mew, and Celebi and arrives on the 23 of March. I can hardly wait to get my hands of both of these powerhouse Pokémon and look forward to meeting you in the battle arena!