Here’s your Overwatch Lunar New Year 2018 skins

Posted on February 12, 2018

It’s the Year of the Dog and the dog themed puns  are coming thick and fast in the Overwatch Lunar New Year event. There’s a tonne of stuff to cover, so we’ll just be sticking with this year’s new updates.

Jumping right in with skins, we’ve gotten 6 new legendaries.

There’s an explosive new McCree intro:

As well as some new emotes like Roadhog’s adorable ‘secret friend’:

And Doomfist showing off his terrifying, terrifying strength.

All of the old  2017 items are still available to win in Loot Boxes or buy with in-game currency at a discounted price.

There’s a the new map, Ayutthaya, which was made especially for Capture the Flag.  It’s based on Thailand and mixes contemporary with traditional.

Lunar New Year 2018 map

Apparently, it will stay in Overwatch’s map rotation after the event ends. The Capture the Flag mechanic have been changed as well, with a sudden death round replacing last year’s ‘draw’.

Of course, there’s also a tonne of player icons, voicelines (most, dog puns) and sprays:

Lunar New Year 2018

Above is my personal favourite. As well as last year’s Rooster themed ones of course.

It’ll run for four weeks, and started on February 8th so there’s plenty of time to play this update.

Check out the Offical Website for more info.

Watch the Developer Lunar New Year  video from Jeff Kaplan: