Monster Hunter: World crosses over with Street Fighter V

Posted on February 16, 2018

PS4 players that have Street Fighter V save data on their system will be able to access the new Monster Hunter: World/Street Fighter V collaboration event. This is the latest in a string of collaboration events that Monster Hunter: World has with other major IPs, such as the recent Horizon: Zero Dawn event and a forthcoming Mega Man event. The event is set to go 12am UTC on the 16th of February, so expect it to be available in Australia sometime over the next 24 hours. The event ends on the 1st of March.

Monster Hunter crosses over with Street Fighter V

The quest is, “Down the Dark, Muddy Path”, is exclusive to PS4 and is located in the arena. The quest requires a Hunter Rank level 3, and you will need to slay a Barratoth. The rewards included in the event are as follows:

  • Ryu armour set
  • New guild car backgrounds & titles
  • Gestures (“Hadoken!”, “Shoryuken!”)
  • Street Fighter V sticker set

There is a second Street Fighter V collaboration event planned, with Sakura’s armour set as the main prize when that rolls around.

Monster Hunter: Worlds has been selling like hot cakes around the world, recently being crowned Capcom’s fastest selling game in history. Many local stores in Australia, at least, have been selling out of boxed copies of the game. Check out our review here, and keep an eye out for more upcoming collaboration events in the future!