Subnautica developer fired over insensitive online comments

Posted on February 10, 2018

The sound designer for survival adventure game Subnautica, Simon Chylinski, has been fired for making insensitive comments online on Twitter. Comments made by Chylinski include expressing his political views, generalising African nations together as misogynist, making racist comments around India, and telling a transphobic joke with a punchline involving attack helicopters.

Chylinksi can be found @Sy1K1 on Twitter if you want a full list of their Tweets.

Shortly after the controversy began, Chylinski Tweeted again announcing that he had been fired. He then took the opportunity to make another joke involving attack helicopters (which is a joke commonly used to make light of Transgender issues), and asked his followers to find a new job for him. Kotaku revealed that Subnautica game director Charlie Cleveland had fired Chylinski as a result of his ‘hateful comments’.

This controversy comes after a poll from Cleveland, asking whether to add a female character to Subnautica or improve the core game experience. Chylinksi responded to the poll stating “we need a ‘diversity’ slider in the options. It will make the character progessively darker more feminie and less sexy.” Cleveland apologised for the poll, calling it “terribly-worded” and stated they were sad that there was no female character included from the start.