The choice is yours. Detroit: Become Human release date announced

Posted on March 3, 2018

A release date has finally been set for Quantic Dream’s latest production, Detroit: Become Human. Having already produced two narrative rich stories in Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, gamers will only have to wait until May 25 2018 to get their hands on this latest project.

Detroit: Become Human will put players in the shoes of three different A.I. androids and challenge them to make decisions that will shape their story and ultimately affect the paths they can take.

Detroit: Become Human

Gamers will control all three androids, each with their own adventure, and the distinct possibility that their stories will intertwine and impact one another, although this has not been confirmed. The three androids players control are Connor, Kara, and Markus. Connor works with the police, helping the law in situations where other androids have become a danger to themselves and others.

Kara is an android who changed her pattern and programming when she attempted to save a young in her care from her abusive father. The third, and final, character Markus is still something of an enigma presently, all that is rumoured is his apparent role in rallying the other androids to fight for their freedom.

Detroit: Become Human

As far as A.I. story premises go Detroit: Become Human is by no means original, but experiencing the narrative from the perspective of the androids will certainly prove to be interesting. I’m most excited to see how Quantic Dream handles humanity’s portrayal as the (possible) low-key antagonists within the story.

Detroit: Become Human is an exclusive PlayStation 4 title that is slated for release on May 25 2018, so make sure to get in early pre-order your copy of what is sure to be a must play game of 2018. You can also check out our hands-on time with the game right here.