The Swords of Ditto meets LocoRoco in a PS4 exclusive quest

Posted on March 28, 2018

Ever played LocoRoco and wished that you could experience its charming adorableness, only in the form of a hack and slash rogue-like game? Well, indie developer onebitbeyond,  SIE Studios and publisher Devolver Digital now have your strangely specific desire covered with The Swords of Ditto: LocoRoco Questa bonus crossover quest in the upcoming The Swords of Ditto for those playing on PS4.

Exclusively coming to Playstation 4, LocoRoco Quest sees you playing as an adventurer who must enter a secret cave to rescue the memorable singing blobs and fight the evil Moja troops from the series. Many sound effects and musical cues will be quite familiar if you have played the LocoRoco games on the PSP or PS4.

Helping LocoRoco's in The Sword of Ditto

We have looked at The Swords of Ditto before; it is a rogue-like adventure game where the player controls a succession of warriors who must try and take back the land from the evil witch Mormo and restore the land of Ditto to its former glory. The game already features some great art and sound design, and it looks like the LocoRoco will fit right in.

The Swords of Ditto can be played either alone or cooperatively with a friend, and will be available April 24 for PS4 and PC, with the LocoRoco Quest only available on PS4 at launch. If this sounds like music to your ears, feel free to check out the trailer below for the exclusive quest!