A $499 ‘Ultimate Gamer Pass’ is being sold for this year’s PAX AUS

Posted on April 10, 2018

It was announced last month that PAX AUS and the EB Games Expo are merging into one big convention, with EB Expo getting a dedicated section within PAX.  Now with a recent update we have a better understanding of what will be included with the EB Expo addition to PAX.

The new Ultimate Gamer Pass as part of PAX AUS 2018

In an email to users, the Ultimate Gamer Pass for the EB Expo section of the convention was revealed which goes on sale from April 10th and is priced at $499.  This special ticket comes with multiple benefits such as an exclusive lounge, free access to storage lockers and an “Exclusive Gamer Program” the day before PAX Australia officially opens on October 25. As of current we don’t know exactly what that exclusive program will entail.

With last year’s 3 Day Pass for PAX AUS selling at $165, the Ultimate Gamer Pass is truly a big leap in their pricing structure. The announcement has also raised concerns with would-be attendees who now worry that the integrity of PAX AUS may be jeopardised. The annual gaming convention is typically very open with very few areas closed off to the general public. Giving exclusive rights to some attendees means others are potentially missing out.

What is your reaction to the Ultimate Gamer Pass? Is it something you would ever purchase?