Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory gets a new gameplay trailer

Posted on April 28, 2018

Fallen Legion is finally making its way to Nintendo platforms in the form of Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory, coming to the Switch on June 8th, 2018. The definitive package combines the previously released “Sins of an Empire” (PS4) and “Flames of Rebellion” (PS Vita) stories into one streamlined experience. The new trailer, showing off some slick new gameplay, is available to watch below!

The game features three distinct storylines, interwoven into one concise package. The outline of each game is detailed below.

Rise to Glory
Chronicles the story of Legatus Laendur and Princess Cecille. What side will you choose to decide the fate of Fenumia?
Sins of an Empire
Join Princess Cecille (and a saucy, talking grimoire) on her journey home as she fights hordes of monsters and a coup led by Legatus Laendur. A crumbling empire is in your hands. Will you restore glory to Fenumia?
Flames of Rebellion
Legatus Laendur, a brilliant tactician beloved by the people, fought on the frontlines the Fenumian Empire, but when he discovers why it is rotting from within, he vows to overthrow the royal family. Fenumia devoured his homeland – will you fight to reclaim it?

Fallen Legion on Nintendo Switch

The game features the series signature colourful, hand drawn, 2D art-style that is going to look exceptional on the Switch. Controlling 4 characters at once might seem like a chore, but the trailer depicts the combat as smooth, intuitive, and deeply engaging.

Fallen Legion exclusive Nintendo Switch features:

Fallen Legion on Switch also includes the following exclusive features:

  • Play both Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire and Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion on the same game card
  • Recruit characters from one saga to play in the other
  • Five new playable characters
  • New story branches and 16 new levels
  • Intimidating new boss fights
  • Improved battle options with the addition of Manual Link attacks
  • Remixed battles in both New Game+ and the maddeningly difficult One Life Mode
  • English and Japanese audio voice options

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory is out for Nintendo Switch on June 8th, 2018.