Radical Heights mashes battle royale with an 80s vibe

Posted on April 10, 2018

Boss Key Productions may not have hit it out of the park with their release of gravity defying shooter Lawbreakers last year, but that isn’t stopping them from jumping on the battle royale bandwagon with their new 80s aesthetic multiplayer game Radical Heights.

Coming to Steam Early Access later today, April 10, Radical Heights doesn’t look too far removed from Fortnite at first glance, with a similarly colourful style and silly attitude. What sets it apart is that it’s set inside a live game show in the year 2023, and the game includes the use of vehicles such as BMX bikes that are a big part of the reveal trailer. Check it out:

There will be vending machines that you can buy new equipment from with in-game cash, but any leftover money gets placed into an Offshore Bank Account when you die or win. That can be spent on cosmetic items or withdrawn from ATMs around the map during matches, meaning if you save your money (and don’t spend it on smashed avo like other millennials) you’ll be able to afford better items more quickly than others.

Don’t expect too much of an advantage though. “You’re in-game cash wallet always starts at $0 when you enter the match (for every player),” Boss Key have stated. “Taking out cash takes time and effort, leaving you vulnerable while you do so. Simply put: this leaves you very vulnerable… you can get shot in the back!”

Radical Heights

A Founders Pack has also been detailed, with over 20 pieces of exclusive character cosmetics inspired by action films of the 80s, a permanent 10% in-game cash boost on all cash and prizes found in the game and 1200 Rad Gems to buy yourself some more gear.

The final version of Radical Heights is set to be released sometime in 2019, with no word on other platforms apart from PC at this stage. Given the huge success of Fortnite and PUBG, other developers wanting a piece of the pie is certainly unsurprising. Whether or not there is room in the market for another battle royale shooter of this kind remains to be seen.

Are you keen for a new battle royale shooter, or are you still feeling a bit upset that Lawbreakers didn’t take off?