Locke Cole announced for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Posted on May 18, 2018

In a surprise announcement that’s got a few Final Fantasy fans chirruping with excitement, myself included, a new fighter has been announced for the roster for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Final Fantasy VI’s stoic thief with a heart of gold, Locke Cole, is swooping in to save the day and steal some hearts.  Being from the earlier half of the Final Fantasy series, this is quite the turn of events, but certainly a welcome addition to the fighter line-up. The featured trailer showcases Locke’s impressive talents on the battlefield, and I have to admit I’m quite impressed!

Being from one of the earlier Final Fantasy instalments, I’ll admit I had my reservation as to whether or not Locke would be fleshed out enough to fight in Dissidia considering his 32-bit origin. However after watching the gameplay trailer and seeing his up-and-close style of battle I’m glad to say he looks like a strong contender. Sporting stylish garments, as if straight out of the mind of Yoshitaka Amano, Locke’s close and mid range attacks are blindingly fast and unrelenting. Not only that but the trailer also shows Locke’s classic Final Fantasy VI look, which I’m pleased to see, considering he was one of my favourites from VI.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

While Locke comes to the Japanese Arcades May 17, owners of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, exclusive to PlayStation 4, will have to wait until June to get their hands on this heroic bandit. With the series already having released XII’s Vayne Solidor as one of the DLC fighters, Locke is the second character to be added to the line up. There are still more fighters planned including two more male fighters from the latest half of the gaming series, as well as two female fighters from the latest half of the series, including one who has already been previously featured in the Dissidia roster. Tell us who you would like to see up next battling alongside fighters like Cloud, Lightning and Locke.