Crackdown 3 trailer shows Terry Crews destroying stuff

Posted on June 11, 2018

Crackdown 3 made its debut at E3 back in 2014 to a massive roar from fans in the crowd. Four years later and we’re back here again but with a new trailer and one small but very significant difference, an impending release date of February 2019. Whilst Crackdown 3 has had release dates before the hype seemed to be different this time, more real, more locked in place. A lot of that hype seems to be thanks to leading man Terry Crews however who kicks some serious destructive environment arse in this new Crackdown 3 trailer.

The continuation of the Crackdown series has been one of Xbox’s biggest “will they won’t they” questions of the last few years at E3. With delays on release dates being plentiful and the game even disappearing from the media spotlight once or twice, I wouldn’t blame some fans of the series it they were far too sceptical or jaded to be jumping aboard the hype train for Crackdown 3 and its February 2019 release just yet.

Addressing the troops in Crackdown 3