Destiny 2: Forsaken left us with little new information at E3

Posted on June 14, 2018

Upholding their promise to reveal further details regarding Destiny 2: Forsaken, Bungie’s E3 story reveal trailer has been contentious to say the least. Sticking to what felt like a less is more approach the new trailer revealed the death of a prominent fan favourite, Cayde-6, at the hands of a returning character from Destiny 1, Prince Uldren. Upon Cayde 6’s demise we see Prince Uldren walk away with what appear to be the eight freed Barons from the Prison of Elders in tow.

In an E3 interview shortly after Scott Taylor and Steve Cotton confirmed Cayde-6’s permanent death. The general buzz online and across the globe is one of shock, however, various redemption theories are already beginning to surface.

Personally, I feel like we weren’t provided with the same level of information for Forsaken during E3 as we were during the live stream almost a week ago. The amount of content introduced there was much more significant and included:

  • Details on the new story campaign, strikes and raid
  • Two new areas; the Dreaming City and the Tangled Shore
  • A new bow and arrow weapon
  • A new Fallen enemy faction, the Scorn
  • New supers for each Guardian subclass
  • The new co-operative/competitive mode Gambit, described as a mix of PvE and PvP.
  • And of course plenty of new gear

” Players want their investment in Destiny to matter, and they want to be able to see that reflected in the content. “

I’m a little concerned that this quote from one of the developers is not currently being reflected in the new expansion. The introduction of what appears to be a second season pass is not a smart move and I won’t blame the fan base for getting more than a little salty about it. I fell madly in love with Destiny’s original formula and the game did lose me when it strayed a bit too far. I hope beyond hope that the commitment to bring elements of the original back are upheld and that it works.

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