Time to get jiggly with it – Dead or Alive 6 announced

Posted on June 9, 2018

With E3 just days away you’d assume the big announcements would remain a secret. Although that isn’t the case with Dead or Alive 6. Developed by Team Ninja, the group that brought us Nioh last year, the fighting game series has been incredibly popular so a new game within the series comes as not a huge surprise.

The game was announced in an exclusive reveal with IGN, the trailer seen below.

The game will feature “old favourites and new characters” and is the first Dead or Alive game to be made exclusively for current gen consoles with the previous DOA releasing back in 2012. I guess we were overdue.

Missing from the trailer is Dead or Alive’s now infamous “jiggle physics” and bulging breasts. It’s possible the developers are moving the series in a more respectful direction when it comes to their female fighters although I wouldn’t hold your breath. It’s also very possible the game is simply holding back for now with more reveals later.

Dead or Alive 6 battle

No specific release date has been set for Dead or Alive 6 yet although we do know it is expected in “early 2019”. Not too long to have to wait now.