Microsoft announced Halo Infinite for Xbox One and Windows 10

Posted on June 11, 2018

Microsoft kicked off their E3 showcase by immediately announcing Halo Infinite live on stage. It was certainly time for this game to get announced with fans eagerly awaiting the next iteration to the franchise since Halo 5 back in 2015. It was also a game that was highly predicted to be found at this year’s E3. The game was announced with the trailer shown below.

Unfortunately very little other information has been provided by 343 Studios or Microsoft. The rumour spreading now is that the name “Infinite” may imply a vast open world, although that’s simply something we will have to wait and see. Bungie has reaffirmed that Infinite is “the next chapter of the legendary franchise” rather than just a spinoff.

As for now that’s all the information we have. Check out the trailer and join the excitement for more Halo goodness.