New Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer shows the fate of Jade and Pey’j

Posted on June 12, 2018

Beyond Good and Evil 2 was a massive announcement at last years E3 but we were left wanting more after only receiving a cinematic and later a tech demo of the engine it was being built in. What fans were really hungry for more of though was the leading roles of the original title, photo journalist Jade and loveable pig man Pey’j, well with the latest cinematic trailer we now know the pair a returning but some things have clearly changed.

The cinematic trailer introduces us to a collection of heroes we’ll become familiar with, including a familiar ship cook Pey’j. Our time with the fun loving cast is cut short by an enemy ship descending on them and attacking, after boarding it is revealed that the ship is being lead by an extremely sinister Jade, the protagonist from Beyond Good and Evil.

Pey's in Beyond Good and Evil 2

The team one ton to show a selection of gameplay letting us know that game would be an action role-playing game that can be played solo and multiplayer in a massive map stretching worlds with seamless flight between location. Most exciting as well it was revealed that Ubisoft will be patterning with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s production company Hit Record to add original content from fans, from music to artwork that will appear in the world.

Unfortunately there still isn’t any solid date for its release but you can pick up a collectible statue of loveable monkey Knox. As was announced last year the game is still using the Space Monkey Program which you can sign up to to have input into the final product, just head over to the Beyond Good and Evil 2 website to signup and find even more information about the project so far.