New Platinum game Babylon’s Fall revealed

Posted on June 12, 2018

Square Enix may not have had a lot to reveal at today’s wholly digital E3 conference, however one of the two previously unseen titles should definitely have your attention. Not much is known about the new title Babylon’s Fall but it is coming from the well respected development team over at PlatinumGames.

The Babylon’s Fall trailer opens with a a history of the world where the game is taking place, from what we can tell there is heavy religious iconography and there appears to have been some kind of righteous war that has resulted in the end times. How this then ties into the footage we saw of a knight controlling magical tentacles is yet to be seen but PlatinumGames have a pedigree that makes me trust them.

With a 2019 release date on PlayStation 4 and PC I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about Babylon’s Fall soon enough but for now this cryptic teaser is all we have to go on.

the history of Babylon's Fall