OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Co-op gameplay at E3 2018

Posted on June 12, 2018

OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead is the newest game in the Walking Dead universe, focusing on the tight and exciting co-operative gameplay. In four-player action FPS against the dead as well as the living, you and your team must endure a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C.

After being delayed last year, the newest trailer at 2018’s PC Gaming E3 conference reveals players can join the fight for survival starting 6 November (North America / South America) and 8 November (rest of the world).

The trailer prominently highlights a wide range of environments to bring the action to. On display are bloody hordes in dark warehouses, desolate and overgrown towns, and survivor settlements.

A glimpse of a mixture of weapons and customisation options show opportunities for gameplay personalisation. Crossbows with changeable sights, pump action shotguns, compact sub-machine guns, and bolt action rifles are amidst the fun. If firearms don’t tickle your fancy, an array of melee options are by your side, from shivs, screwdrivers, machetes, your own boot, and more.

Your team is formed of four characters; Aidan, Heather, Maya and Grant. Each person with a unique skill tree, squad role, play style and background story.  Select your personality and fight towards the common objective where the key is survival and teamwork.

The developer is renowned for their multiplayer experiences ever since the success of the bank heist series, Payday. The criminal simulator features in-depth progression systems, a wide roster of characters, a large variety of playstyles, and a whole heap of cosmetics. It’s not unlikely OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead will feature similar mechanics and engine, meaning players can certainly look forward to quite a bit of playtime.

Pre-order now or pick up OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead from 6 November (North America / South America) or 8 November 2018 (rest of the world).