Transference: “A Psychological Thriller that merges Movies with Games”

Posted on June 12, 2018

There’s always been an interesting link between the mediums of video games and movies. More and more we are seeing games emulate the feeling of watching a good movie. Letting players live through the lives of these characters in narrative-driven experience. But now with the introduction of VR, games are now ready to operate on a whole new level.

I suppose it’s appropriate then, that one of the big showy games at Ubisoft’s press conference was Transference. The first game made by Elijah Wood-founded Spectrevision which we saw announced at last years E3, Transference is a VR experience that hopes to bridge the gap between game and film.

The game has been described as a character-driven psychological thriller. Explore a surreal, ethereal home environment, as you explore the minds of the family that live in it. Choices will lead characters down one of the many narrative paths. Seek to understand your family, see the evidence of their past. Only you can repair their lives.

All in all this game seems like a head trip of a surreal horror experience. A true sight to behold, with an intriguing mystery hidden at its core. This story narrative and the general atmosphere feels shrouded in the undeniable feeling of mystery and abstraction. This looks to be a fantastic intersection of live action acting, with a horror walking simulator. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Transference will be available for both VR and non-VR platforms. It will be launching in Spring 2018.