2D Dark Souls-esque game Salt and Sanctuary coming to Switch

Posted on July 29, 2018

It has been tough for Switch-owning Dark Souls fans lately since Dark Souls Remastered’s delay on the platform. Fortunately, Ska Studios has something to tide Dark Souls fans over with Salt and Sanctuary, which is coming to the Switch very soon.

Salt and Sanctuary is a 2D metroidvania game from 2016 that was initially released for PS4 and PC (as well as the PS Vita a year later). Design-wise, it is very much an attempt to bring the gameplay of the Dark Souls series to a 2D plane. Players control a custom protagonist, who must explore, level up, find new weapons and armour and slay difficult bosses.

In addition, when you die you have to return to your place of death to retrieve your resources again. However, it differentiated itself from its inspiration, with multiple currency systems, a twist on Dark Souls’ bonfire system, and a highly stylised gothic art design.

As with Hollow Knight, Salt and Sanctuary’s design would likely do well on the Switch. The gothic cartoon art aesthetic looks great on handheld platforms. Furthermore, the metroidvania gameplay, which focuses on exploration and setting up Sanctuaries from which to travel and regroup, makes it suitable for short play sessions.

Salt and Sanctuary on Switch

After the success of Hollow Knight on the Switch, another 2D Dark Souls-inspired metroidvania with a stylised art design, now is a good time for Salt and Sanctuary to come to the popular platform.

Salt and Santuary is set to release August 2nd on the Nintendo Switch.