August 2018 Games with Gold announced

Posted on July 28, 2018

Another month is almost upon us, and so the August 2018 Games with Gold lineup has been revealed, with some gaming goodness for subscribers on the Xbox One.

First up, start your engines as Forza Horizon 2: 10th Anniversary Edition is first up as your August freebie. The Forza Horizon series has always been one of our favourites here at Checkpoint, combining slick driving and gorgeous visuals with a fun open world to explore.

Secondly, you can fight to the death in an epic battle with Ubisoft’s oft underrated For Honor. While it suffered some server issues during its launch phase, the developers have taken some great strides towards improving stability across the board, so being available for free will surely provide a boost to player numbers, making it worth a crack.

August 2019 Games with Gold For Honor

As always, there are some Xbox 360 titles available that are on backwards compatibility. If you ask fans, they’ll tell you that Dead Space 3 is the weakest of the survival horror trilogy. I feel like the series is in serious need of a resurgence or a reboot, as it had some fantastic ideas that never quite melded for this attempt at “third times a charm”.

As for Disney, you can say what you want about their decisions recently, but Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two could be one of the better platformers you’ve never played.

Check the full list here:

Xbox One

Xbox  360 (but playable on Xbox One)

Which games are you keen on downloading this month? Don’t forget to pick up last month’s titles while you still can!