Far Cry 5 ‘Title Update 8’ includes photo mode

Posted on July 7, 2018

An oft-hotly desired feature in modern games is a good photo mode. Ubisoft have answered the call, and have just patched in a photo mode into Far Cry 5. The new mode is available across all solo game modes: campaign, arcade, and the DLC Hours of Darkness, and includes features such as time of day, field of view, frames, filters and even their character’s facial expressions. 2018’s potential game of the year, God of War, recently added a photo mode which allowed Kratos to crack a smile, and was met with much fanfare. With Far Cry 5’s beautiful Montana setting featuring sweeping landscapes, lush forests, crystal clear lakes, and soaring mountaintops, I’m confident the photo mode will provide many impeccable shots.

far cry 5 photo mode

Title Update 8 also includes some updates to the game, including a PC-specific patch that adjusts keyboard and mouse remaps, with Ubisoft stating “It’s now possible to see action mapped to each button by moving the mouse cursor over keyboard images”. Additionally, a few gameplay and UI fixes have been applied across Far Cry 5 to improve the experience. Finally, bug fixes across audio, co-op and stability have been implemented, as well as adding a range of DLC weapons, animals, assets and vehicles to the Far Cry 5 Arcade Editor.

Far Cry 5 photo mode

You can suss out the full patch notes on Ubisoft’s blog. The patch is available for install now. Check out our review of Far Cry 5 here. Spoiler alert: we loved it!