Hollow Knight’s final DLC ‘Gods and Glory’ releases next month

Posted on July 17, 2018

Hollow Knight, the superb metroidvania from Aussie developers Team Cherry, will gets its final piece of (free!) DLC next month with the eagerly anticipated Gods and Glory update.

Team Cherry announced the news today on their official site, stating that the fourth and final content pack  for the game will be available to download on both Steam and the Nintendo Switch from 23 August. They promise that Gods and Glory is the largest DLC for Hollow Knight yet, with a ‘whole bunch of new bosses. A slew of new music. New NPCs. New Quests.’  As hinted in a previous update from the developers, there will also be a new game mode added, as well as the ability to glorify your charms, although details on these features remain vague.

As well as the release date itself, Team Cherry also unveiled that all of Hollow Knight’s music from its 4 DLCs (Hidden Dreams, The Grimm Troupe, Lifeblood and Gods & Glory), composed by Christopher Larkin, will be released as an album Gods & Nightmares.  The album can be purchased on Steam ($4.99USD) and  will stream on Spotify from 9 August. For the hardcore fans, it will also be available as a limited edition vinyl.

Hollow Knight has been quietly killing it since it launched on Steam in early 2017 and more recently on Switch during E3. To date it has sold over 1 million units on PC and 250,000 units in the first two weeks of its Switch release. And for good reason – the game is fantastic, and an absolute steal for the amount of content packed within it. Honestly, if you enjoy gorgeous, challenging games with amazing music and some mildly depressing lore, do yourself a favour and buy this. Having sunk over 70 hours into this game over the last month, I cannot recommend it enough. Is it the 23 August yet?!

Hollow Knight