60 Parsecs! and 60 Seconds to Survive Space

Posted on August 8, 2018

From indie creators of Stray and 60 Seconds!, Robot Gentlemen introduce a new time-sensitive, tension building, space strategy game called 60 Parsecs! Turns out the humans don’t succeed in averting nuclear fallout and the Earth is abandoned. Now, a comical crew of inept astronauts must survive the search for a new home.

After the initial announcement way back in late 2017, Robot Gentlemen now reveal the release date of 28 September 2018 for Steam. Console editions and other platforms are yet to be confirmed. Either way, the excitement of hilarious dread is nearly here.

From claustrophobic atomic bomb shelter to isolated space shuttle, 60 Parsecs! follows a diverse cast and their unlucky captain. Deep dive into their history, and warp relationships for better or worse. All while endlessly floating through a large and mainly empty void we call the Universe.

Robot Gentlemen are well known for humourous titles.  The Polish independent studio makes games about ‘the doom and gloom of the apocalypse and space’, all tied together with a dark comedy bow.  With a staff of games and film industry veterans, they execute their passion astoundingly. Experience with the Fable and Witcher series and films including Lars von Trier’s Melancholia and European Space Agency’s Ambition presents the creative potential of the studio.  The group aims to support Polish game development with their original spin on games, following the success of previous releases.

With this project, dying is fun. The game encourages players to explore and mess around with their crew, killing them off as they wish. Throw everyone out the airlock due to Brainslug paranoia or have the infamous aliens of Omicron-7 pull your shuttle into the gravity of a dying star? Captains are able to restock essentials using junk they scavenge on outbound expeditions with the refreshing crafting system. The Roguelite gameplay offers a replayable, non-linear narrative that ensures every adventure and tragic end is out of this world!

Overcome the ungodly chance of survival and reforge a future? Or yield to a terrifying yet entertaining macabre ending? 60 Parsecs! launches into the cosmos on 18 September 2018, first on Steam with other platforms to be announced.