Lock and load because Battlefield V is about to drop an open beta

Posted on August 21, 2018

After a dramatic reveal earlier this year Battlefield V is only a few months away. In preparation for it’s October launch the team at DICE will be tacking the game live with open beta testing of it’s World War 2 First Person Shooter in early September.

Going live to everyone on September 6 the open beta will include the 64-player Conquest mode on Rotterdam or Arctic Fjord, two days of the Grand Operations mode on Arctic Fjord, and a five-part version of the Tides of War mode.

As has become common, if you pre-ordered the latest entry in the series you will have beta access a few days early on September 4. This early access will also include subscribers to Origin Access, EA Access and Origin Premier.

A soldier in Battlefield V

When talking about the new Tides of War feature in Battlefield V and what to expect in the beta, DICE said in a blog post.

“A preview of the Tides of War — the ever-evolving journey through WW2 featuring a new narrative every few months — also awaits players in September. Each chapter of Tides of War is designed to focus on an aspect of the era, with unique gameplay experiences to drive players forward.

A five-part Tides of War chapter will be part of the Open Beta. Players who complete the chapter will earn an exclusive in-game Dog Tag in Battlefield V at launch.”

You will be able to pre-load the beta on September 3 from 6pm AEST. For more info on the upcoming beta for Battlefield V head to DICE’s FAQ.