Allow Soundfall to carry you away in 2019

Posted on August 10, 2018

Prepare your sound systems and crank the volume up. Drastic Games’ debut title, Soundfall, is coming to all platforms in 2019. Developed by alumni from Epic Games, this little beauty looks amazing.

A lively mix of twin-stick shooting and rhythm-based gameplay, Soundfall follows the journey of Melody, a young audiophile who finds herself transported to the world of Symphonia. In search of a way home from this mysterious land where music comes to life, she becomes entangled in a conflict to save the realm from Discord, an unfathomable darkness that threatens all.

Everything from the environment through to combat is driven by the musical elements of the game. “Syncing literally everything in the game to music has been an awesome technical challenge,” added Nick Cooper, technical director, Drastic Games. “But it’s been a tremendously rewarding process, and we’re excited to finally share Soundfall with players.”

Soundfall’s levels, enemies, loot, and more will be procedurally-generated by, and dynamically react to, a range of musical elements. This has been confirmed not just between songs, but measure to measure, as tunes build up and die away. Battles will also synchronize to the beat, rewarding players who dash and slash in time to the beat with impressive dance-like combos.

Seconds into the trailer I was bopping away, already swayed by the music. If you find the same thing happens to you make sure to spread the word, Soundfall has been confirmed as playable at PAX West, EGX and PAX Australia this year. Be sure to check out the Soundfall official website for more information.