“The Quiet Man” has an eerie new gameplay trailer

Posted on August 18, 2018

When The Quiet Man had it’s mysterious reveal at Square Enix’s E3 show earlier this year, they promised more details of the game would come in August. Well it is August and they delivered, recently releasing a new gameplay trailer for the “story-driven cinematic action experience” which reveals more about the game’s story, as well as how it’ll play.

The new trailer shows the same sullen, hooded protagonist shown in E3’s teaser, but also a singing woman and a creepy looking  figure wearing a bird-mask, carrying a body.  Is it a cult thing? Are there supernatural elements involved, or will the story go down a more mystery / thriller path? It’s all still vague, but very atmospheric.

Square Enix producer Kensei Fujinaga also made a post on the Playstation blog providing more information on the game. Fujinaga provided a pretty concise run-down about what we know of the game so far, namely that:

  • The protagonist, Dane, is deaf, and therefore most of the game will be inaudible. Players have to get hints from an NPC’s actions, not their words
  • The game will be a “cinematic experience” that transitions between live-action footage and game play
  • Keeping in line with the live-action film theme they’re going for, the game will have no HUD
  • The story will take place in one night, and is expected to take approximately 3 hours to complete

The Quiet Man poster

Fujinaga also talks about the combat in The Quiet Man. It looks very fighter/brawler-y, and the player will have a wide variety of options, with  grapples, attacks and combos available. Check out the new combat footage below.

The Quiet Man will release digitally on both PS4 and Steam, with a release date to be announced. Check out the official The Quiet Man website for more information.