Dead or Alive 6 offers sexy pillow slips & mousepads for Japanese pre-orders

Posted on September 16, 2018

It was only a few days back that we got a release date for Dead or Alive 6. The popular fighting game franchise, best known for its sexualised female characters, fan service and “jiggle physics”, is set to arrive February 15th 2019. Whilst footage and marketing for the game has touted a less sexualised approach, new Japanese pre-order bonuses tell a completely different story.

Available to Japanese customers only are two special editions for Dead or Alive 6 available for ore-order. A Collectors Edition will be available and comes with the original soundtrack, an artbook, a set of memorial tin badges, and a digital code for the content found in the Digital Deluxe Edition (which is available in the West). More scandalous is the Strongest Package which includes everything from the Collectors Edition as well as a dakimakura cover (a body pillow slip) featuring two of the female Dead or Alive characters in an alluring pose. The Strongest Package also contains a set of sexualised posters and 3 erotic mousepads that feature gel inserts for character’s breasts and butts. One mousepad is for a currently unrevealed female character.

The Strongest Package will cost 25,800 yen which is the regional equivalent of $322 AU.

Director Yohei Shimbori told Eurogamer in an interview that the team was toning down female sexualisation for the latest game in the series, instead focusing on a more intense and realistic approach to fighting. The extent to which the team will stay true to that mantra is yet to be seen, although this latest reveal certainly doesn’t look to support it.