Overwatch themed LEGO leaked by Target

Posted on October 26, 2018

We’ve got some amazing-looking new Overwatch toys coming our way!

Images found on Target’s online registry reveal several Overwatch-themed LEGO box sets, which include both characters and iconic props from the game. The photos were found by LEGO fansite The Brick Fan, who reported that there were 6  sets of varying sizes, priced from 15 to 90 USD.

Target seems to have taken the pictures down since then, hinting that it was an unintended leak. Meanwhile, the full range of pictures have been uploaded to imgur by some quick-thinking members of the Overwatch fandom.

From what we can see, the wave of Lego sets include Tracer, Widowmaker, Winston, Bastion, Reaper, McCree, Pharah, Mercy, Soldier 76, D.Va, and Reinhartd. In some sets, props from locations such as Watchpoint: Gibraltor and Dorado are included. Check ’em out below.

Overwatch Lego set with Tracer and Widowmaker


Activision announced their plans for Overwatch LEGO back in May, but this is the first time we’ve seen any details of which characters and props will be featured. So far, we haven’t been given an estimated release date. The official LEGO website doesn’t have any more info to offer, only saying that Overwatch LEGO is “Coming soon.”

Hopefully we’ll see it arrive in time for Christmas! And if wave 1 does well enough, we’ll presumably hear news about a future wave 2 that may contain some characters that didn’t make it into the first wave.