Smash Bros. Ultimate spoilers are everywhere after game data leaks online

Posted on November 26, 2018

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is less than two weeks away from launch, but for some corners of the internet, it’s as good as already released. A ton of the game’s data has been uploaded all across the net after some copies of the game fell into the hands of gamers before its release date. Don’t worry though, this article will be spoiler-free – just don’t follow any of the links below if you’re concerned.

Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens all too often, especially with big profile releases. Either an online database of the game files might get hacked, or a store may break street date and sell the game early. Last week, claims that people had already received their copy of Ultimate began to spread. The claims included descriptions of the game, and even photos of the game case and cartridge.┬áIt’s now been confirmed that at least some claims were true, as the game’s data has been dumped online, with entire playlists of music from the game appearing on YouTube, and even cutscenes from the game’s story mode, World of Light.

Cutscene from the Smash Bros Ultimate World of Light trailer

This is almost exactly what happened just before Super Smash Bros. Brawl released back in 2010. Cutscenes from the adventure mode Subspace Emissary were leaked, spoiling the entire story for the internet. It’s sited by Sakurai as a large reason why he didn’t include a similar story mode or cutscenes in Smash Bros. WiiU and 3DS, saying he didn’t wan’t players to be spoiled like they had been in Brawl. Despite his comments, much of the fanbase took it as a punishment for the leaks, due to the actions of just a few.

Well, I guess those few haven’t learnt their lesson… or perhaps it’s unreasonable to expect literally all members of a fanbase to obey a non-disclosure agreement contract they never signed, if and when sensitive data does fall into their hands. Whatever the case, it’s hard to imagine that Sakurai will want to keep making story modes after this. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases on December 7, but if you want a spoiler-free preview while you wait you can check out the our preview of the game!