Civilization VI on Switch is as great as you’d expect

Posted on December 11, 2018

Civilization is without doubt one of the most critically acclaimed franchises of all time, with Civilization VI improving on almost all fronts to create a captivating, addictive experience for PC players all over the world. The 4X genre is often left for PC alone, suited much better to a mouse and keyboard than a controller, so console gamers like myself have not had a lot of opportunity to get stuck into the series (except for the clever Civilization Revolution from last generation, a simplified version of the game).

Thankfully, here I am today, Civilization VI literally in the palms of my hands on Nintendo Switch. The game has already been adapted to tablets and phones, so this seemed like an inevitable (and smart) next step to take. The Joy-Con controls work just as well as the touch screen does, and the games trademark cartoon-like art style also looks crisp in both docked and handheld mode. Even the text is all very readable, which addresses the complaints I’ve had about other Switch ports in the past.

In our original review of Civilization VI, we said: “After spending some considerable time with the game, some of Civ 6’s design goals begun to become abundantly clear. Improvements weren’t just made at a surface level but instead there was large, sweeping changes that altered the gaming experience at its core. Two of which included: more active player engagement and a more complete base game. Civilization 6 has turned the franchise into a deeper, richer experience than it was before.”

All of the things we loved about Civ VI before hold true now. The way it keeps you gripped for “just one more turn” is a testament to how good the game is, and given a game of Civ can take a long time to complete, I found myself playing it throughout the course of my day due to the Switch’s portability.

I’d start a game while drinking my morning coffee, have a couple of turns on the train on the way to work, some more on my lunch break, a cheeky turn when the boss isn’t looking in the afternoon and then finishing off with some more in-depth strategy when laying in bed at night. No longer do you need to be strapped to your PC for hours on end! Civ on the go is for sure the best way to play it.

Civilization VI

The only real difference between this version and others is that lack of online multiplayer, but that’s not really a make or break element of the franchise for me personally. It also doesn’t include the Rise & Fall expansion, leaving the February release of Gathering Storm up in the air as well, at least for now. That doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of Civ here to be enjoyed, though.

The natural next step for the franchise is to find its way onto PS4 and Xbox One, placing this excellent game into the hands of even more gamers. In the meantime, Civilization VI on Switch is fantastic for existing fans and newcomers alike.