Original Doom from 1993 is getting new levels next year

Posted on December 13, 2018

SIGIL, a new collection of levels for DOOM the 1993 one, not the 2016 reboot – will release in February 2019. It’s being developed by John Romero, one of the designers of the original game.

According Romero’s websiteSIGIL is a “megawad” (which is DOOM-speak for “a really big mod”) that will be free if you own the game on PC. Alternatively, you could buy one of two limited edition box sets, featuring art prints, an exclusive soundtrack, and other creepy goodies. Unfortunately, it isn’t compatible with the version I played on a CAS calculator during Year 11 General Maths.

While the practice of modders creating new content for older games is commonplace in 2018, it’s rare to hear about someone from the original development team creating new levels for the game they helped make, using a fan-made level editor no less. SIGIL isn’t even Romero’s first unofficial addition to the game; he released two single-level packs in 2016.

John Romero was a co-founder of id Software, who arguably popularised the first-person shooter genre in the 90s with titles like DOOM, Quake and Wolfenstein 3D. Though Romero no longer works with the company, they are still making games, including the recently-announced DOOM Eternal, which we are quite excited for.

John Romero DOOM

There is a Q&A with Romero accompanying the SIGIL announcement. It reveals some interesting details, such as how the mod has been in development since 2017, that he’s excited for DOOM Eternal, and most pertinently, where in Ireland he likes to go on holiday.

This comes hot off the heels of DOOM turning 25 years old, with a pretty awesome trailer released, celebrating the brutal series from its beginnings to the iconic franchise it has turned into today. Check it out below. Fans can join the Slayers Club to receive the exclusive Zombie Slayer skin for DOOM Eternal when it launches.