CrossCode comes to Switch and annoys fans

Posted on January 24, 2019

Radical Fish Games‘ incredibly underrated indie-RPG CrossCode will be coming to the Nintendo Switch… after the developers announced it wouldn’t. The Switch port doesn’t have a release date as of yet, however, it’s creating a lot of steam for the game – both good and bad.


In December 2018, Radical Fish Games made an official response to the cries from fans for a Nintendo Switch port.  The developers acknowledged the pleas and explained the difficulty of transferring a completely HTML5 coded game onto the Switch. With so much rewriting and reprogramming involved, Radical Fish Games effectively squashed the chances saying, “Sorry but CrossCode will be coming to Switch when Hedgehags learn to fly”. You can read the full excerpt below.

“Yes, we heard you. You want to play CrossCode on your SwitchWe get where you’re coming from. Our game has been inspired by so many Nintendo classics, so it would feel right at home on the Switch. And obviously, it would be amazing to play CrossCode on the go.”

“However, the reality is this: porting CrossCode to Switch is really difficult. As some of you might be aware, CrossCode is written in HTML5 which you cannot run natively on the Switch (just like most consoles). This means a LOT of things have to be reprogrammed/rewritten. And this is especially challenging on the Switch which doesn’t provide the hardware capabilities of other current-gen consoles. That’s why we still can’t make any promise!”

“Now… We’ve given this answer many, many times. But who knows, maybe it’s too technical and that’s why people just won’t stop asking so we’ll simplify it a bit: Sorry but CrossCode will be coming to Switch when Hedgehags learn to fly.”

“Anyway, this is now our answer to all those Switch requests for the time being! You can keep asking if you want (and you probably will). The answer will be the same.”

This, clearly, made a lot of people upset. Fans who bought the game instead of waiting for the supposedly impossible Switch port are making an outcry. After experiencing the fantastic game on offer and becoming loyal fanatics, it’s understandable many are feeling betrayed. Poor business practice and ignoring consumer rights for misinformation may be a future concern for the company.


Nevertheless, CrossCode is an amazing game, and heaps of people are over-the-moon to play the Nintendo Switch version. The retro-inspired 2D Action-RPG combines 16-bit SNES-style graphics with really fluent physics and parkour system. The combat is exciting and intense with massive boss battles and challenges. Combined with intuitive puzzles, quests, and story, it’s a game not to be missed.

Expressed as a perfect mix of the puzzles of Zelda-esque dungeons, Diablo action, and Pokemon aesthetic, all within a story similar to Sword Art Online. Regardless of the platform, everyone should pick this game up and experience its greatness. Play the demo on PC now.

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