Resident Evil 2 isn’t done scaring you just yet: Enter the Ghost Survivors

Posted on January 29, 2019

The survival horror in Resident Evil 2′s Raccoon City is far from over, as Capcom have announced plans for some upcoming content that will add some significant replay value to the game.

First announced on Twitter and then elaborated upon during a livestream held in Japan by the development team, Resident Evil 2 will be receiving a brand-new game mode as well as some new costumes for Leon and Claire, all for free.

The new mode is known as Ghost Survivors, and will see you taking control of various characters who were present for the outbreak, namely Robert Kendo, who owns the gun store in Raccoon City, Katherine Warren, daughter of the city’s mayor,  a so-far unnamed member of HUNK’s Alpha Team, and a fourth character who will be revealed at a later time.

Resident Evil 2 Ghost Survivors

The mode will be releasing episodically in order to focus upon each of the aforementioned survivors, and will be shaking up the gameplay in numerous ways. For one, the events of each episode are entirely non-canon, so events could go in any direction without being restrained by the official storyline. Secondly, unlike the main campaign, which specifically limits in-game RNG for those who wish to speed-run the game, Ghost Survivors will function as more of a rogue-like mode, with every run introducing randomised elements to keep things fresh. In addition, the mode will introduce a brand new enemy that did not appear anywhere in the main campaign, which sounds both exciting and outright horrifying.

The second DLC that was announced is that both Leon and Claire will be receiving costumes that recreate their appearance from the original game on the PlayStation. Low polygon counts and visible pixelation are a far call from what the game’s engine has been able to display, but the charm of seeing these classics stick out from their environment is hard to deny.

Resident Evil 2 Ghost Survivors

Both Ghost Survivors and the retro costumes are set to release on February 15th for all platforms. Given how well the base game was received, fans should be in for another great experience.