Super Dragon Ball Heroes makes its journey to the West

Posted on January 23, 2019

Bandai Namco is giving its Western fans their first chance to experience the highly successful Dragon Ball Heroes series with the announcement of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission for the Nintendo Switch and Steam. This comes hot on the heels of the also recently-announced¬†¬†“Project Z,”¬†showing that Dragon Ball is in for one heck of a year.

The game places you in the shoes of Beat, a child living in a world where the Dragon Ball series is a popular trading card game. Beat is hoping to become the game’s world champion, but matters become much more complicated when the game’s villains somehow begin to materialise in the real world. This forces Beat to enter the world of the game in order to recruit allies that can stop the villains from causing any more damage.

The announcement trailer gives an overall idea of what Heroes is within it’s own world, with holographic displays and large crowds bringing back memories of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime. We also get to see the debut of a new villain, Sealas, who apparently has quite the score to settle with the Time Patrol, a space-time peace-keeping force introduced to Westerners in the Xenoverse games.

Dragon Ball Heroes

The Heroes series has built up a reputation for featuring characters and scenarios that have never appeared in other iterations of Dragon Ball; a good example being fighters like Gohan, Trunks and Bardock reaching Super Saiyan forms they’ve never displayed before.

There’s also been previously-impossible events such as Super’s Goku encountering the Goku of GT, leading to a fight between Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan 4. What may have previously been relegated to the world of fanfiction and what-ifs is being utilised at full-force, the motto seeming to be “if it would be cool to see then let’s do it.”

The trailer unfortunately didn’t show off much actual gameplay, so some has been provided below. From what’s shown, the game doesn’t skimp on the action despite it’s format, with each turn being a chance to see someone getting blasted through the floor.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is set to release on April 5th, which should be plenty of time to get in some training with King Kai.