Turn your world around in Yoshi’s Crafted World this March

Posted on January 9, 2019

Fans of the tongue-lashing, ground-thumping, green dinosaur will have something to cheer about come March 29 when Yoshi’s Crafted World arrives on the Switch.

Fans of the lovable reptilian will get to control Yoshi and explore several new areas, all while solving puzzles and finding eggs to hurl at your enemies. As an added bonus Nintendo have released a new story trailer to get players ready for Yoshi’s next adventure.

This time around players will have to explore Yoshi’s Island in search of the Sundream Stone gems, which when combined will grant any wish, the owner of all 5 gems, may have. Of course things won’t be easy as Baby Bowser and Kamek are also seeking the power to make their own devious wishes come true. It’ll be up to Yoshi and all his other colourful counterparts to find all the stones first and save their Island.

This is his first solo adventure on the Switch, following on from the popular and cute Yoshi’s Woolly World that released on Wii U with a range of adorable accompanying amiibos. That game was also ported to the 3DS, so a truly new experience for Yoshi is something to be excited about.

Yoshi's Crafted World

Players will be able to explore the Yoshi’s Crafted World in a number of ways, with a mechanic similar to that of the Paper Mario series, by changing the perspective of the levels and flipping the screen to see hidden items behind buildings and obstacles. Players can also explore the stage in reverse, to add another level of difficulty, and also play co-op, which is cool as two Yoshi’s are always better than one.

Yoshi’s Crafted World will be available to own from March 29th, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch and is looking to be one heck of a fun platformer, true to the Yoshi’s Island style of gaming.