Anthem gives us a closer look at Endgame content

Posted on February 7, 2019

Anthem is only two weeks away, and while the demo weekends were not without problems, there is no doubt that the game is shaping up to be huge when it launches on February 22nd.

One of the looming questions about Anthem has been regarding its Endgame content once you’ve hit the level cap. Online open-world adventures such as this sometimes stumble when it comes to ongoing content once you’ve finished the main campaign – something that others like The Division and Destiny have struggled with in the past.

Knowing this would be a challenge, Bioware have created a detailed post on their Anthem blog, outlining the content available in future months, along with the activities you can complete to continue upgrading your gear once you’ve hit level cap.

Anthem Endgame

“We will be continuously supporting Anthem with new content, features, and quality-of-life fixes.  Those will be delivered through a series of updates called “Acts”, which advance Anthem’s storylines through new locations, gameplay features, character interactions, and more.” says Anthem Lead Producer Ben Irving.

Anthem’s post-campaign narrative begins shortly after release in March 2019, with Act 1: Echoes of Reality, and  Act 2 and 3 following down the track. It will include several features to keep you hooked, including a new Catacylsm event, which are mysterious events that come with mysterious rewards, a new Stronghold and more.

This is all on top of the harder difficulties we already know about that will really push your squad to its limits, crafting, Legendary Contracts that are additional quests that will be given out from the people of Fort Tarsis, plus daily, weekly and monthly challenges with good rewards to increase your strength.

This is, of course, fantastic in theory – but we won’t know how effective all of this Endgame content will truly be until we get our hands on the game soon. Still, the foundations are there for an incredible game based on the time we’ve spent with it so far.

Anthem launches on February 15th for EA Access subscribers and will launch fully on February 22nd on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.