Crackdown 3 won’t let you play multiplayer with your friends

Posted on February 13, 2019

The release date for Microsoft’s next big first-party exclusive, Crackdown 3, is fast approaching. But if you’re looking forward to multiplayer with friends, you may want to slow your roll.

Crackdown 3’s Wrecking Crew mode, the ambitious 5 on 5 PVP mode with cloud based destruction physics, will not support lobbying with friends on launch. This means players will not be able to join up with friends for multiplayer matches when the game releases this week. In a game where half the fun is getting together up with mates to cause some havoc, this is certainly disappointing news.

The announcement came through the games official discord channel in response to questions posed by the community. With parties unavailable in the pre-release tests,  these announcements confirm what many players feared.

Screenshot of Crackdown 3 discord. MSFT Crackdown No. Wrecking Zone does not support parties and will not at launch

Screenshot from Crackdown 3 discord. MSFT Crackdown: Parties are not supported in Wrecking Zone. I don't have and info on if/when they might be implemented

The official Crackdown  3 Twitter account has since stated that the party support will be available at a later date after launch. But there’s no hint of when exactly that will be.

The move not to include Xbox Live Party functions at launch for this mode is a confusing one. Its a basic aspect of most  games, and has been pretty much standard since the last console generation. So to not include it in Crackdown 3, a game priding itself on its multiplayer, puts players in an unfortunate position. At least you can still party up with a friend for co-op play in the games campaign mode.

For now, those looking to buddy-up will have to rely on the matchmaking system. Look for our full review of Crackdown 3 on Friday.