Dangerous Driving, the spiritual successor to Burnout, is crashing in April

Posted on February 18, 2019

Dangerous Driving is the spiritual successor to the Burnout series and developer Three Fields Entertainment have revealed the release date as well as additional details about what gamers can expect when the game drops in April.

Three Fields Entertainment features numerous ex members of Criterion Games including the creative talent behind the Burnout series. So we can be expecting fast paced arcade style action plus massive crashes and mangled vehicles.

Apparently doing away with the open world that was Burnout Paradise, Dangerous Driving is tipped to feature 30 different courses, ruthless opponents (both AI and Human options) and various game types including Takedown, Eliminator and Pursuit mode. If the trailer is anything to go by this game is going to be incredible.

Ah yes, there is a definite Burnout flavour but supercharged with full on new gen graphics and action, enhanced for the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro so when you do crash, it will be in 4K realness. Three Fields Entertainment says¬† Dangerous Driving “offers unparalleled physics and mass destruction” capturing the spirit of the past and elevating it to new heights. With the current drive toward simulations rather than arcade style action, Dangerous Driving could turn out to be a unique experience in this day and age.

Back in the day the Burnout series was great fun on the PS2 and Burnout Paradise on the PS3 was both the high point and last game released in the series. It is hard to believe its been 11 years since Burnout Paradise,  but here we are. Burnout Paradise earned itself a remaster last year, so if you cant wait until April check out our review and consider picking it up for a taste of what you can look forward to.

Dangerous Driving

Dangerous Driving is out April 9th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.