Dr. Mario World is Nintendo’s new mobile game

Posted on February 3, 2019

Here’s a nice surprise! On Twitter, Nintendo has unexpectedly announced a brand new mobile game starring our favourite plumber in a lab coat, Dr. Mario. Dr. Mario World will be a free to play action/puzzle game, and will feature optional in-app purchases.

Nintendo says it will be released for iOS and Android sometime during ‘Summer 2019’ (which for us probably means Autumn). Nothing else has been announced about it, but there are sure to be more details closer to the game’s release.

Nintendo is partnering with a communications  developer called Line for this game. Line is one of Japan’s largest multimedia messaging platforms, which offers both in-house and third party games. Interestingly, Nintendo is using different mobile partners for each of its official mobile games so far: Pokémon GO, Mario Run, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Fire Emblem Heroes.

It’s great to see Dr. Mario make a proper comeback, especially since he’s a long-standing character of Super Smash Bros. His style of puzzle gameplay has great potential on mobile platforms with a F2P model, so we’re hopeful that Dr. Mario World will be an enjoyable experience, when it arrives.

This year should also see the release of Mario Kart Tour, another mobile game that Nintendo announced quite a while ago. We haven’t heard a lot about that one, except for a confirmation from Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account that it will be expected later this year.