Drive the FFXV Regalia in Forza Horizon… again

Posted on February 20, 2019

The Final Fantasy brand isn’t averse to fun crossovers, whether it be Behemoths in Monster Hunter World, Assassins in Final Fantasy XV or Final Fantasy XIV in this year’s Sydney Mardi Gras parade. Now, the Final Fantasy brand is crossing into Forza Horizon 4, with the Chocobros’ personal luxury car, the Regalia, being available in-game.

Unfortunately it doesn’t come with its own monster-hunting boy band, as in Final Fantasy XV.

The Regalia comes in two forms in Forza Horizon 4;  the classic Quartz look, and the off-road monster truck model. Sadly, the endgame airship model didn’t make it to Microsoft’s open-world racing game, although that might have made it a little too easy.  In order to access the new cars, players must get started on the Series 6 update. The two vehicles will be available as gameplay rewards after the 21st of February.

Of course, if you are a Forza Horizon veteran, this news may seem a little familiar, because Final Fantasy XV did the exact same crossover with Horizon 4’s predecessor, Forza Horizon 3 in 2017. At least in this case, the Final Fantasy content is available to all Horizon 4 players, whether or not they own Final Fantasy XV.


This is not the only video game crossover in Forza Horizon 4; last year, Forza Horizon 4 held the Halo Experience event, wherein players could drive the Warthog ATV from the famous Microsoft sci-fi shooter, as well as featuring dialogue from Cortana.

This Final Fantasy crossover is not as extensive, as well as being a retread of a similar event in the last game. That said, it is free to access, and a neat little Easter Egg for Final Fantasy fans playing Forza Horizon 4. If the fact that future Final Fantasy XV DLC has been cancelled has bummed you out, then at least you can have your own open world adventure in the Regalia in Forza instead.