February’s Inside Xbox brings the Boom

Posted on February 7, 2019

Microsoft aired this year’s first Inside Xbox today; showing off a whole host of new trailers, game footage, and information about their upcoming releases. There was even some interesting surprises thrown into the mix. Let’s break down the major, and not so major, stories to come out of this months presentation.

Crackdown 3 brings the boom with new trailer, game info, and Terry Crews

Inside Xbox Terry Crews in Crackdown 3

New details, trailers, and an interview with leading man, Terry Crews, were shown for Crackdown 3, slated for release next week.  there were new details about the game’s multiplayer, titled “Wrecking Zone”. It will feature three maps, two games modes, have 5v5 team PVP, and be available on launch.  Creative Director Joseph Staten said the game is an “explosive playground ”  that’s “flashy, over the top, and fun”. He assured those new to the franchise that “[Crackdown 3] is not a direct sequel, its got a brand new story, brand new cast”.

That cast includes 21 diverse, playable crackdown agents, including Terry Crews’ character Isaiah Jaxon. During his interview, Terry Crews gave fans and fans a taste of what they can expect when playing as Isaiah. “being able to play as me is a dream,” He explained. “Terry crews is designed for battle. When you pick up that controller, you will be designed for battle… it’s going to be extra, its going to be extreme, it’s going to be loud, it’s going to be big. Everything I am, that’s what you can expect.”

Terry Crews talks on diversity, and being an inspiration to others.

Inside Xbox Terry Crews during Interview

During the Inside Xbox interview, Terry spoke about being at the forefront of diversity and inclusion in entertainment and video games, stating “great to be on the right side of history”. Elaborating further, he said “It used to be that people felt like ‘if we give them that, they’re gonna take from us’ but that’s the biggest lie that’s ever, ever been told.”

“If you include women, if you include African Americans… Asian Americans…Hispanics, it will triple, quadruple your audience, you will realise that now you have the whole world. I want to see a colourful world, I want to see everyone get their shot. I’m loving what I’m seeing right now, I don’t think there is any way back to the way things used to be, you know that I mean, and I love it.”

When asked how he inspires others Terry stated “what you have to do is be yourself, and operate in your gifts, and that is how you change the world… People say I’m extra… I don’t have a problem jumping on the red carpet, i don’t have a problem popping my pecs, I don’t have a problem going extreme and going extra because you don’t know who you’re going to inspire today.”

Microsoft Studios reborn as Xbox Game Studios

Inside Xbox Xbox Game Studios

In a statement on stream, Matt Booty announced that Microsoft Studios would be changing their name to Xbox Game Studios.  To talking on the reason behind the name change, Matt explained “…the Xbox brand has also evolved from its original roots. Today, Xbox is our gaming brand across all devices, no matter how or where you want to play, or who you want to play with.”

The revamped studio consists of 13 separate development teams focusing on beloved franchises, like Age of Empires, and Halo. The teams covered under the new studio umbrella will be:

  • 343 Industries
  • The Coalition,
  • Compulsion Games,
  • The Initiative,
  • inXile Entertainment,
  • Mojang,
  • Ninja Theory,
  • Obsidian Entertainment,
  • Playground Games,
  • Rare,
  • Turn 10 Studios,
  • Undead Labs
  • Microsoft’s internal Global Publishing group

The change comes as Microsoft have been increasing efforts to provide first party exclusives for their platforms.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider coming to Xbox game pass this month

Inside Xbox SOTT

One of last years biggest releases, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, will be joining the Xbox Game Pass this month. With the Xbox one version holding an 82 on Metacritic and the game receiving a favourable review from us, this is a welcome addition to an already stellar line up.  The game will become available from Febuary 7th. Other additions this month include platformer de Blob (Feb 14), Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season One (Feb 7), and Batman: Return to Arkham (Feb 21) among others.

Sea of Thieves wants you to bring your friends

Inside Xbox Sea of Thieves Friends Play Free

Sea of Thieves launches its new Friends Play Free program this month. Starting on the 6th, players can log in to the Sea of Thieves website and grab up to three codes that they can share with their friends who don’t own the game. Those friends will be able to sail the seas together until the 13th.  During this time, players can enjoy a limited-time voyage featuring a high-value loot and cosmetics.

Jump Force goes on a bizarre adventure, and MK11 adds some Bugs

Inside Xbox Dio Brando from Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure

Jump Force brings a touch of the bizarre to its line up, with Jotaro and DIO, of  JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fame, joining the fray. The game will also receive a slew of post game content for free, with stages and costumes added on a regular basis past release.  The stand users will be able to battle it out with the rest of the jump universe on February 15th.

Jump Force weren’t the only ones to announce new content at Inside Xbox. Mortal Kombat 11 will add half-insect fighter, D’Vorah to the roster. Fans will remember here from Mortal Kombat X, as one of Kotal Khan’s minions. Her moves are swift, brutal , and certainly distinguish her from the rest of the ‘Kast’. Expect to see more of her when Mortal Kombat 11 launches in April.

That’s a wrap!

And that’s it for all the major announcements from this months Inside Xbox. If you’d like to read more, you can find the official Microsoft breakdown  here, or watch the video here.

What did you think of those announcements? Looking forward to making chaos in Crackdown 3? Can’t wait to pummel vampires in Jump Force? Will the name change effect your opinion of the studio? Leave and comment and let us know.