Fire Emblem: Three Houses release date and in-depth video

Posted on February 14, 2019

Nintendo has released an in-depth look at Fire Emblem: Three Houses during a Nintendo Direct this morning. In its 5 minute runtime, the video touched on the game’s story, gameplay, and gave us a first look at our protagonist and some of the characters they’ll meet on their adventure.

We play as the child of a mercenary, who is chosen to teach the up-and-coming knights of the ‘Officer’s Academy’.  And that’s just the start of what we learned in this jam-packed video. Most importantly, it finally gave us a release date for the game – in July of this year!

The video guides us through the Monestary, which seems to serve as a communal base for the three kingdoms.  There you will choose which  of the three houses you will instruct, which will presumabley lock in your playing route. The Monestary is where you can train and battle your units, but it also appears to host a level of unit customisation not yet seen in the Fire Emblem series.

Whether or not some skills and weapons are unit-specific has yet to be determined, however. We also got a look at some great-looking battles, which combine classic grid-map strategy with slick attack animations.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses classic isometric grida caharcter mid-battle in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will release on July 26, according to the video. Many more games were announced during the Direct. For the full stream, you can check it out at Nintendo’s website.  

And for one more bit of good news, Nintendo AU has just tweeted out this sweet special addition that will be available on launch day. (IT’S BEAUTIFUL – Ed)

We’ll have more on Fire Emblem: Three Houses closer to release. For other turn-based tactics goodness, check out our review of Wargroove.