A trifecta of horror comes to Switch: Resident Evil rises once more!

Posted on February 27, 2019

With Resident Evil 2 makingĀ quite the splash last month, now seems like the perfect opportunity to shine a spotlight on the franchise’s history, and Capcom is doing exactly that with the announcement of three classic Resident Evil titles coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Resident Evil 0, 1, and 4 have all been confirmed to be receiving a Switch port, accompanying their more modern counterparts, the Revelations series, which released in 2017. Entries 1 and 0 actually got their start on the Nintendo Gamecube, so its nice to see them coming full-circle.

Resident Evil "It's getting up again!?"

Resident Evil Remake is the first remaster for the series, which updated the visuals, music and puzzles to create a very different, but no less terrifying experience. It also retained the original’s fixed camera gameplay, meaning visibility of enemies was limited, adding to the tension of not knowing what was ahead. Couple that with several unlockable modes that add quite a lot of replay value, and it’s no wonder this update to the horror classic was received so well.

Resident Evil 0 follows this updated gameplay with a prequel story that shines some more light on the STARS team and Umbrella’s shady dealings, while also introducing a partner system that allows for more dynamic gameplay. The PC re-release also added a mode that allowed you to play as love-to-hate villain Albert Wesker, which will hopefully make a return here, as it changed up the player’s abilities quite a bit.

Resident Evil Umbrella's brief foray into acupuncture was not well-received

Resident Evil 4 was a jumping-on point for many players. It was a literal game-changer, as it opted for an over-the-shoulder perspective that granted more situational awareness, whilst also ensuring that players would need to constantly watch their backs to stay alive. The game is also responsible for the current structure of fan-favourite Mercenaries Mode, which shifts into more arcade-style gameplay that lets you test your mettle against hundreds of enemies to a timer. While some decry it as the death-knell for the original gameplay style, it is also hailed as a revolution to the series and ranks amongst several ‘best game ever’ lists online.

Each of these three titles will be available via the eShop on May 21st, with pre-orders beginning on the 28th of February. Those looking for a physical edition will need to import, as those will only be available in North America. Regardless of how you pick them up however, each game has a lot to offer, and is sure to both entertain and frighten those who choose to enter the survival horror. Now to pass the time by making a nice and healthy Jill sandwich!