World War Z gets a new trailer, also gets blood everywhere

Posted on February 15, 2019

Upcoming zombie survival shooter World War Z has received a new trailer, which is great for fans of mowing down the undead but terrible for those with a fear of large crowds.

The game, which was originally announced at the 2017 Game Awards, is powered by the aptly-named Swarm Engine, and looks to take much of it’s inspiration from the live-action film from 2013, featuring ungodly numbers of the living dead whose only goal is to zero-in on players and tear them to shreds. Squads of four players are able to utilise six different classes in order to complete objectives and stay alive, featuring over-the-shoulder gameplay with a heavy focus on teamwork.

Staying together to clear out an area is vital, and running off to play hero will likely get you killed pretty quickly. These zombies are frighteningly fast and appear to have the hive mentality from the aforementioned film, leading to clumsy-yet-co-ordinated hordes that will form a mountain of corpses to reach fresh meat, even if the poor buggers at the bottom get crushed. Taking one for the team seems to be a non-issue when man is on the menu.

Of course, in order to stave off these immense crowds you’ll be able to acquire powerful melee weapons and firearms. These weapons can be used both in the campaign and in PvP combat, which will see players fighting not only their fellow survivors but also any and every zombie who hears the commotion. Also within your arsenal are various traps, such as turrets and explosives, which can help stem the tide headed your way.

World War Z

Those who wish to pre-order the game will gain access to the Lobo Pack, which will give players some golden firearms as well as the Lobo itself, a dual-bladed spade which tears through zombies like a 1000 degree knife through butter; considering what you’ll be up against, anything sharp, heavy or shooty is going to be a God-send.

World War Z will be releasing on April 16th this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.