Cuphead is running and gunning onto the Switch

Posted on March 21, 2019

Studio MDHR and Microsoft have made an announcement nobody saw coming. The adorably nostalgic and horrendously difficult platformer Cuphead will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch. The game is due to arrive April 18th, 2019, so not too long for Switch owners to wait.

The trailer for the Switch announcement can be seen below, featuring our favourite protagonists, some of the games most memorable boss battles, and a strange man talking about milk… for some reason. Check it out below.

This platform announcement is particularly exciting because it proves Microsoft are willing to work alongside Nintendo and bring their previously exclusive IP to the handheld console. This falls in line with recent Microsoft announcements and actions such as their desire to bring Xbox Live to Switch, iOS and Android and even the recent announcement that Microsoft are bringing Halo to competing PC storefronts such as Steam.

Seems like Microsoft want to have a more cooperational and collaborative future with their gaming competitors… except not Sony.

Cuphead is coming to your Nintendo Switch

For those who are yet to experience the run and gun madness that is Cuphead, the game released back in September of 2017 to critical acclaim. It was a huge favourite amongst fans and critics alike, including our own reviewer who said “with tough-as-nails gameplay and an aesthetic that is one of the most effective and well-executed in recent memory, Cuphead is a triumph in game design.”

The game is heavily inspired by 1930’s cartoons and manages to recreate the style, the feel, the visuals, the animation, and the music that is so absolutely iconic from that time period. It truly is a masterpiece of a game, managing to solidify its spot right at the centre of our top 10 games list from 2017.

Will you be picking up Cuphead for Nintendo Switch?