Nintendo announces a Labo VR setup for the Switch

Posted on March 7, 2019

Another video game giant has announced today that they are entering the virtual reality scene. Yes, Nintendo are set to release a virtual reality kit but not in the traditional way we’ve seen before from competitors such as Sony: the kit is an addition to the Switch’s cardboard Labo accessories, transforming the switch itself into a DIY Labo VR device.

Labo VR headset

Not dissimilar to previous Labo additions, there will be a few options to choose from for consumers. The starter set provides players with Labo VR goggles and a kit to make a blaster gun. There are then also two expansion sets, with the first offering a kit for a camera and an apparent elephant toycon. The second expansion offers something different, with the cutout for both a bird and wind pedal. Of course, for a more heftier fee, a complete kit is offered for the consumers so that they have every item from the get-go.

Labo was first debuted back in April of last year and it can be safely assumed that this VR kit’s release date of April is set so as to coincide with the near year anniversary release of the original Labo product. The appearance of this VR kit is curious too, with Nintendo America head, Reggie Fils-Aime stating in an interview with Toronto Sun that the Labo ‘s introduction was “not to be a sort of competitive answer to Virtual Reality,” and instead serve as something unexpected and unique in of itself.

Labo VR could change Labo forever

The Labo is a device that has easily received from flack from mature audiences due to its lack of appeal for consumers of that demographic. The product however has found charm and a home in families and younger audiences and has been greatly celebrated.

Whether gamers want it or not, the Labo VR kit is set to drop on April 17th.