A Little Nightmares prequel is coming to mobile devices

Posted on April 12, 2019

Some surprising but cool news for Little Nightmares and mobile gaming fans a like: Very Little Nightmares, a mobile game, is set to be the next title in the Little Nightmares universe.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe have freshly announced the project which is set to be a prequel to the original. The game has been developed by Alike Studio, the developer of titles such as Bring You Home and Love You to Bits.

Little Nightmares was a game that stirred a bit of noise with its console and PC release back in 2017, with even further traction through  a Nintendo Switch release a year later.  The game that was a blend of puzzle-platformer, horror and adventure and followed Six, a young little girl who is trapped in the Maw,  a mysterious vessel. Now, mobile users are set to learn more of Six’s backstory in this prequel, as they prepare to survive The Nest. 

The tease of the cute and creepy world of Little Nightmares coming to mobile is no doubt exciting. “Players must traverse the terrifying Nest and avoid the notice of terrifying new enemies if they are to escape with their lives in this original, suspense-filled puzzle game,” Bandai Namco states.

Moreso, a game of this premise and scale is exciting just because of how it was built for mobile,  a device with a roster that at times can appear lackluster. A game with this pretty, unique art style and concept can only prove to do wonders for the mobile gaming market.

Little Nightmares

As for when audience will be able to get this title in their hands, iOS audiences won’t have to wait long but Android may be kept in the dark for some time yet. Pre-registering for the game that is promised to arrive “very soon” is available now for iOS users, with no news yet for Android audiences.

Get ready for some fun thrills on the go with Very Little Nightmares, out soon! In the meantime, why not check out our reviews of the original Little Nightmares and the Complete Edition that released last year?